Graduate Studies

Coffee room1Graduate Students in the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Physiology are members of the Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine (NDM) and study for an Oxford D.Phil., which is equivalent to PhD elsewhere. All the students are also members of one of the Colleges of the University, which often provides their accommodation as well as the opportunity to meet and interact with people in other disciplines.  The University provides a wide range of opportunities for activities outside the laboratory as well as personal, social and academic support.  We welcome approaches from prospective students who can read more about graduate study, funding and how to apply on the NDM Graduate Studies websiteProjects are also listed on the website.

As well as graduate students, we also teach Oxford University undergraduate students in Final Honours School Projects and NDM Summer Internships. These students make important contributions to the research programmes.  Details of internships are advertised on the NDM website.  Oxford students interested in FHS Projects should contact the individual supervisors.

MeetingLab meetings and day-to-day supervision takes place within the HWBMP; but students are encouraged and sometimes required to attend seminars and courses run throughout the Medical Sciences Division.  We take the support of our students very seriously and the principal investigators often collaborate in the supervision of students.  We find that the scale of the building has encouraged informal discussion and encouraged close ties between groups, without stopping wider collaborations in the University and elsewhere.

Another of the notable features of our student body is the wide range of backgrounds it represents. This makes a very positive contribution to the environment within the building.   Our current students come from over 10 different countries, including the UK; and previous students have gone on to a variety of posts in research, medicine and industry worldwide. Some examples of our ex-students in academic posts include Tan Chorh Chuan, who is President of the National University of Singapore; Patrick Maxwell, Head of the Division of Medicine, University College, London; Ben Ebert, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard University; Jonathan Gleadle, Professor of Renal Medicine, Flinders University, Adelaide; and Colin MacKenzie, Senior Lecturer at the Tropical Metabolism Unit, Jamaica.