Katherine Bull

I joined the Cornall lab in 2010 to study for a DPhil (PhD), investigating the genetics of autoimmune and nephrotic disease. Following an NDM Clinical Lectureship  I am now an MRC-Kidney Research UK Clinician Scientist with a focus on the genetics of proteinuria.




My DPhil focused on bioinformatic methods, harnessing whole genome sequencing to accelerate gene discovery both in mutagenesis screens and in patients with genetic renal disease.

My current project uses precise and efficient gene editing with CRISPR/ Cas9 technology to model human renal disease and understand the cellular and molecular pathology. My aim is to identify novel proteinuria genes and potential therapeutic targets. 

Previous work has been supported by a Wellcome Trust Clinical Studentship, the Nuffield Dept of Medicine, Oxford University Clinical Academic Graduate School and an Academy of Medical Sciences Starter Grant. I am currently supported by the Medical Research Council, Kidney Research UK and an Oxford University Trust Fund for Bright's Disease. 

bullk@well.ox.ac.uk  see also: Katherine Bull Group