Public Engagement

Traditionally there was a divide between scientific research conducted in the laboratory and clinical research conducted in hospitals. There is now an increasing desire to link these processes and translate research from laboratory bench to bedside.

Clinical and non-clinical scientists in the Henry Wellcome Building for Molecular Physiology are committed to using their expertise in cellular and molecular biology to address problems of clinical relevance. Individual research groups are studying:

  1. The effects of reduced oxygen availability on how cells, organisms and tumours behave
  2. How the body recognizes abnormal cells in order to destroy them
  3. The role of the immune system in vascular disease.
  4. What mechanisms lead the immune system to attack the cells of the body (autoimmunity)
  5. How proteins in the body are modified in a variety of disease states, including HIV infection, autoimmune diseases and hypoxia.
  6. How proteins share structural domains and how these can be classified

As the CCMP is physically and administratively linked to another NDM Department, The Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, we share the services provided there for Public Engagement. Further details and information can be found on their Public Engagement and Outreach page.