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Current D.Phil. Students

D.Phil. students who are members of the lab from September 2019 are Rose Hodgson (St John’s College), Robert Donat (Wadham College), Aneesha Bhandari (Exeter College), Joao Ferreira Fernandes (Lincoln College), Jianwei Cui (St John's College).


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Former D.Phil. Students

Karlee, Andy and Ana

Our former students since 2000 are:

(1) Graham Lewis, who came from the M.Biochem Degree Programme at Oxford as a MRC student and is now a patent lawyer, working in Paris..

(2) Helen Ferry who came from the University of Sheffield with Wellcome Trust funding. Helen is now a senior postdoc in Oxford.

(3) Janson Leung who was Hong Kong Scholar in Cambridge University before coming to the lab with a Wellcome Trust Clinical Training Fellowship. Janson is a consultant physician in Derby in the UK.

(4) Karlee Silver who was a Rhodes Scholar from Winnipeg. Karlee leads the Women's and Children's Health Portfolio for Grand Challenges Canada.

(5) Anastasiya Nyzhnyk (Nijnik) who was originally from the Ukraine but also studied for M.Biochem before coming to the lab as a Wellcome Trust Prize Student. Ana has her own lab at McGill University in Montreal. Read about Ana's student profile here.

(6) Andy Johnson who was an NIH-Oxford Scholar and was jointly supervised with Ron Schwartz at the NIH. Andy was a postdoc at the University of Pennsylvania.  Read about Andy's profile here.

(7) Billur Akkaya, who was a Felix Scholar from Turkey and is now a postdoc at the NIH, Bethesda.  

(8) Greg Crawford,  came from the Immunology Degree at the University of Glasgow, was an MRC Centenary Postdoctoral Fellow in the lab, and is now a postdoc at Imperial College, London.

(9) Owen Siggs, from Adelaide, who was a Scripps-Oxford Scholar jointly supervised with Bruce Beutler. After a short Research Fellowship in Cambridge, Owen is now a graduate entry medical student in Adelaide. Read about Owen's student profile here.

(10) Daian Cheng who was originally from China but studied for the M.Chem. degree at Oxford before joining the lab as a Wellcome Trust Doctoral Training Centre Student. Daian is now working as a commercial analyst.

(11) Katherine Bull who is a renal physician and joined the lab as Wellcome Trust Doctoral Training Centre Clinical Student. Katherine is now a Clinical Lecturer in Oxford University, building her own projects in renal genetics. Read about Katherine's student profile here.

(12) Xijin Xu who was from Peking University, funded by the China Scholarship programme and an NDM Prize Studentship. Xijin is now a postdoc at the NIH in Bethesda.

(13) Martin Wilcock is now a consultant renal physician in Oxford and Milton Keynes.

(14) Chris Paluch is founder and head of research at Oxford University spinout MiroBio.

Lab Jumping

Seminars and Lectures

Information relating to my lectures and seminars in the Final Honours School, Graduate Entry Medical course and the taught MSc in Immunology is available via Weblearn.


I teach Pathology and FHS tutorials at Corpus Christi College. Students can contact me by email.

Graduate Advisor

I am graduate advisor to several students at Corpus Christi College. Again please contact me by email.